A Guide to Quinceañera InvitationsQuinceanera Invitations Wording

It is finally the time to celebrate a young girl’s coming of age. A Quinceañera is a major celebration in Latino cultures when a young female turns 15. Invitations are crucial to alert your loved ones of the celebration. While figuring out the ins and outs of putting an invitation together can seem tricky, we have put together a simple guide to make it easy.

The Cover

This is an important part of the invitation because it is the first part of your invitation that your guest will see. The cover should hint at the theme and look appealing. Many times the cover includes a catchy expression that goes with the theme. 



The Body

There are three main options for the beginning wording on the invitation. It could be written from the parents, family or the birthday girl. If it is written by the parents, the blurb would say something like:

Mr. & Mrs. Diaz

Request the honor of your presence at

The quinceañera of their daughter,

Maria Esperanza Diaz-Rodriquez

If it is written by the family, the text would say something like:

The Diaz-Rodriquez Family

Is proud to request the honor of your presence

At the quinceañera of

Maria Esperanza Diaz-Rodriquez

The difference is that the family name is used. If you want the invitation to be from the birthday girl, it would look like:

I, Maria Esperanza Diaz-Rodriquez,

Proudly request the honor of your presence

At the celebration of my quinceañera

Notice how in all three examples, the quinceañera’s name is in bold. This is done to create emphasis on the name and make it stand out. Therefore, consider using bold font, bigger font and/or different style font. 

After putting together the beginning blurb, follow it with the mass information (location, time, date) and reception information (if different).To make your invitation look more casual, don’t spell out the numbers. To make it look more formal, spell out the numbers. Then include RSVP information, such as a phone number and the name of the person. At the bottom of your invitation, include the names of the chamberlain of honor, the damas, the chamberlains and the godparents. You can also include a gift registry, to share with you invitees what the birthday girl is wishing for

The Envelope

When it comes to the envelope, some families decide to have two envelopes. The outer envelope is the one used for mailing. The inner envelope states the guest’s names. However, you could opt-out and only use one envelope. When addressing the invitee, you could include if they have an option to bring a plus one. For example, the inner envelope could say “Mrs. Martniez and Guest”. If the invitation is going to a household with multiple children, list their names from oldest to youngest.

Other Options

There are some other things to add to your invitation that are optional. For example, instead of including a line on the body with RSVP information, you may want to include a reply card. A reply card gives the individual the option to accept or decline the invitation. You may also want to include a directions card that includes instructions on how to arrive to the venue.

Laser Cut Quinceanera Invitations

The most important thing is to customize your invitation. Personalize it to make it unique. This is the first impression your guests will make about your celebration. Consider laser cut invitations to make this invitation one of a kind. Laser-cut invitations add elegance to the invitation.  At Shimmery Ceremony, we are experts in crafting beautiful, laser cut quinceañera invitations. We want to make this process easy for you. If you have questions contact us or if you would like to see the quality of our work, please order a free sample now.