Wait….. when should I order my stationery

Wait... when do I need to order my stationery? You have picked a date and place but now you have to figure out the labyrinth of when to buy every thing. From caterers to you dress everything has its own unique timeline. Well we decided to make your life a little simpler with this handy stationery timeline. From Save the Date through Thank You cards check out when you should be ordering your stationery.  Keep in mind This is a timeline of when you need to receive your stationery. It is not [...]

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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog I would like to start by saying just how excited I am to introduce you to our stationery blog. After years in the stationery business I am here to give away the secrets that go behind making perfect personalized paper. You will find everything here from how-to articles, like addressing those beautiful envelopes, to informational posts, like invitation planning timelines. I will be updating this blog at least once a month with fresh articles and I can't wait to let the cat [...]

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