Frequently Asked Questions


Can I see an example before purchasing?2018-08-09T12:12:08-04:00

We offer samples of every invitation design we offer.  These are available on the top right of most product listings.  Samples include a swatch book of every paper color we offer. Please note we do not offer samples on anything other than invitations.

When will I be charged?2018-08-09T12:12:08-04:00

As soon as you complete checkout.

How many extra invitations should I order?2018-08-09T12:13:49-04:00

We highly recommend ordering around 10 extra invitations for extra guests, keepsakes, photographer’s copy, losses, and damages in the mail.

Why does the price change depending on how many I purchase?2018-08-09T12:13:49-04:00

A bulk discount applies as you select a higher quantity.  The more you purchase, the less you pay per piece.

What is rush processing?2018-08-09T12:13:49-04:00

Rush Processing drops the standard 1-2 week processing time down to 3-5 days.  This assumes final approval within 3 days.  Rush processing adds an additional 20% of your order total, no minimum.

What if I don’t want to pay before seeing my proofs?2018-08-09T14:56:47-04:00

We require payment before starting the design work for printing. However, if you aren’t happy with your proofs, we’ll do everything we can to make it right or provide a full refund.

Can I pay over the phone?2018-08-09T14:56:27-04:00

We can provide price quotes but cannot take payment over the phone.  Payment must be made online through our order form or through a PayPal invoice. 

Can I order more in case I didn’t buy enough?2018-08-09T14:56:10-04:00

Yes.  We do provide a discount assuming you’re using the same print design, but keep in mind this will be more expensive compared to ordering all together. Set-up expenses are needed for each order that stay the same regardless of quantity purchased.

Can I purchase less than 20 invitations?2018-08-09T14:55:53-04:00

No.  We require this minimum amount due to set-up costs and print design work involved with each order regardless of quantity purchased.

Colors / Personalization

I need help with my invitation wording2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

Check out our interior prints page.  We have wording set up in each interior print design which match the theme of the design.  You are more than welcome to piece together any ideas from these examples to form your own wording.

Can I use my own wording?2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

Absolutely, we specialize in this.  We use any wording you provide and incorporate it with any of our borders to make your invitations. 

Can I change the fonts from what I see?2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

Yes, you can use any fonts from our extensive font list in your stationery.

Can I send you my own paper to use for my stationery?2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

No, we know how each paper we offer reacts to laser cutting and printing.  We are also able to use additional stock we have on hand in case of problems, keeping our processing time consistent.

Can I provide a logo or artwork to include into my stationery?2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

Yes, most of the time.  We’ve worked with many companies and commonly work with logos.  We can even custom design a logo into the laser cut design.  Keep in mind we cannot work with any copyrighted work that we or you do not have permission to use.  Certain complex artworks and designs may have additional design costs associated.

Why isn’t the paper color I want available for my laser cut?2018-08-09T12:13:16-04:00

We don’t provide white, ivory, or white gold as a laser cut option because we don’t recommend it.  The laser cutting process creates burn marks and smoke discoloration that highly visible on stocks lighter than silver therefore we do not suggest these colors.  We can still run this option if you prefer.

Can I mix paper colors for portions of my invitation order?2018-08-09T12:13:15-04:00

Yes, for an additional charge per additional color combination.

Why do paper colors look different in different photos?2018-08-09T12:14:38-04:00

Many paper colors we offer are metallic and look different depending on how the light is reflecting from them.

Why aren’t my digital proofs in color?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

We focus on the design and wording at first which are black and white.  We don’t focus on color until the final step to ensure the print comes out the way you want.  We do provide photographs of your physical invitations in their final colors for approval.

How many proofs do I receive?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

We typically provide 3 proofs to start in different font and border combinations.  We include an additional 5 revisions plus 2 per additional card to ensure you are happy.  A revision is counted each time we send you a proof of a card, regardless of how many individual changes are made.  Revisions beyond these limits cost $20 each.

How long does production take?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

The laser cutting, printing, and assembly of your order typically takes 5-9 days.  Rush processing brings this timeline down to 2-3 days.

How do I provide my guests addresses to you?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

We will send you a spreadsheet to fill out the guest you have and other information we need.  We can provide this ahead of time by request in case you would like to get a head start on this section.  If you choose guest and return address printing, we cannot provide a final approval until we receive back a completed address spreadsheet.

Can I use these for an event that isn’t a wedding?2018-08-09T15:01:20-04:00

Yes.  We use any wording you provide, Therefore we can make the invitation design fit any function you need.

Can I provide my wording in a different language?2018-08-09T15:14:38-04:00

Yes, we do need for you to provide the wording in the language you need.  There is no additional fee for this.

We can also create separate interiors using different languages.  This has an additional cost per additional interior design.

What colors can I choose from?2018-08-09T15:00:59-04:00

Any colors can be chosen throughout your order.  A paper color chart is shown in the photos to select exterior gatefold color, interior paper color, and envelope color.  A font color list is also listed for any printed text and borders.  

Font colors can differ between printing on dark stocks vs light stocks.  Sample orders will include examples of both.

Can you print guest names on our stationery?2018-08-09T15:00:48-04:00

Yes.  Select personalized cards when ordering for this option.

Can you print using my handwriting?2018-08-09T14:59:41-04:00

Yes.  If you provide a handwritten text, signature, certain artwork, etc. on plain white paper by a digital scan, we can have this text printed on your stationery in your handwriting in any color.

What are the cost differences between each color?2018-08-09T14:59:28-04:00

All colors are included at no extra charge.

What thickness of paper do you use?2018-08-09T14:59:18-04:00

All our papers range from 91 lb to 110 lb depending on color.  Most gatefolds will consist of 3 layers of this paper (backing, printed interior, laser cut gates).  Papers will be more flexible and fragile when laser cut.

Will the colors of the invitations match my screen?2018-08-09T14:58:58-04:00

Every monitor displays color slightly differently.  We do provide font color cards and paper swatch books with samples if you need in person examples of the colors we offer.

How are you able to print on black and dark stocks?2018-08-09T14:58:49-04:00

We own a commercial printer utilizing CMYK colors as well as a white underlay.  We can print white on dark stocks or underlay white under color so any ink color can be printed on any color stock.  This is included for all printed orders.

Font colors can differ between printing on dark stocks vs light stocks.  Sample orders will include examples of both.

Will I receive hard copy proofs?2018-08-09T14:58:38-04:00

The fist proofs will be digital.  Proof for the final approval includes a photographed physical version of your invitation set.  These can be shipped to you for approval if you like.  Shipped physical approvals are free with domestic shipping; special shipping options are an extra charge.  This will delay total processing time.

Are envelopes included?2018-08-09T14:58:27-04:00

Envelopes are included with any set of invitations with the exception of gatefolds alone.  Any envelope color is included with no additional charges for most designs.

What if I want a more personalized laser cut design?2018-08-09T14:58:16-04:00

We do offer custom laser cut designs.  Visit our custom portfolio for more information.


What is standard shipping?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

Standard domestic shipping is 2-3 day priority mail for all orders except samples.  Samples are shipped first class mail unless otherwise selected at checkout.  FedEx ground is available as an alternative to USPS Priority Mail at no charge.  Overnight shipping is available upon request and varies depending on location and order size.  International shipping is not included in these estimates.

Do you ship outside the United States?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

Yes.  We charge a flat $40 USD for 1-2 week shipping outside the US.  Customs processing may delay this timeline and add additional fees to the total shipment price.  Faster options are available upon request.

If I pay for rush processing, how long will shipping take?2018-08-09T14:54:35-04:00

Orders with rush processing are still shipped with standard shipping unless otherwise requested.  Rush processing allows your order to start its shipment at an earlier date but does not mean the shipping is expedited.


Are the interiors adhered to the gatefolds?2018-08-09T12:14:37-04:00

No.  The interiors will stay inside the gatefold when folded.  When opened, the interior can slide out.  We can adhere them for you for an additional cost.

What do you assemble as part of my order?2018-08-09T12:55:46-04:00

Just about everything besides placing your cards inside your envelopes.  Each laser cut is individually inspected, hand folded, and stuffed with your interior print and optional vellum.  Envelope stuffing is available at an additional charge.


What postage do I need for these invitations?2018-08-09T12:15:23-04:00

A base gatefold and interior without RSVP or other cards commonly weighs in at just under an ounce.  A standard USPS 1 oz or forever stamp will do just fine.  Invitations with RSVPs or other cards typically requires a 2 ounce stamp, or 1 oz stamps and an additional ounce stamp.

How do I write on dark colored envelopes (e.g. black envelopes)2018-08-09T12:15:23-04:00

You will need a white ink pen or marker.  One can be provided in your order at no charge upon request.  Calligraphers will also be able to write your addresses on these with bright or white inks.  Printing addresses on dark envelopes requires specialty printing not found on traditional home printers.  We can address your dark envelopes for you by selecting the address printing upgrade when you order.

Do you offer mailing from your location?2020-03-13T10:55:14-04:00

Yes, but we do have a couple requirements for this.  You must purchase guest and return address printing, envelope stuffing, and applicable postage to qualify for this service.  All additional non-addressed envelopes are sent directly to you.  We mail the individual invitations via USPS stamped mail without tracking to your United States addresses. International addresses will be mailed via a USPS international stamp. Due to the nature of mailing this service will waive any inspection of mailed invitations for any claims and we do not have any responsibility for your invitations once the are dropped off with the mail carrier. 

Can I order custom postage?2018-08-09T14:53:51-04:00

We no longer offer custom postage directly from us.  However, we can create a matching design to use in purchasing custom postage through alternate websites such as Zazzle and Shutterfly for an additional cost.

Will the post office accept addressing with custom fonts and designs?2018-08-09T14:53:59-04:00

We comply will all USPS regulations when we address your envelopes.  We always attempt to use legible fonts for the address and enlarge the zip code to ensure successful mailings. We cannot be held responsible for non-deliverable invitations. 

Cancellations and Refunds

What if I’m not happy with my proofs?2018-08-09T12:16:21-04:00

If you aren’t happy with your proofs, you can cancel the order with a full 100% refund assuming you have not approved your final approval.

Refund guarantee does not apply to custom laser cut design work.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order when I receive them?2018-08-09T12:16:21-04:00

Contact us immediately and we’ll try to find a solution.  If there is an error on our end, we’ll fix the affected pieces at no cost to you with complimentary rush service.

Can I get a refund for my sample?2018-08-09T12:16:20-04:00

No, samples allow you to see our work in person. These cannot be returned or refunded. If you have not received a sample or received an incorrect sample, let us know and we will get another sent your way immediately.

What if I need to cancel my order?2018-08-09T12:57:43-04:00

We will provide a full refund if cancelling before final approval.  If it is after final approval, contact us ASAP.  We will attempt to have the process stopped and recover some costs associated with your order, less design costs.  This depends largely if the order has been printed.  Keep in mind that an order is sent for printing often immediately after we receive final approval.  Orders that have finished the printing stage cannot be cancelled.

Full refund does not apply to custom laser cut design work.

What if I find a typo or misprint in my order?2018-08-09T12:57:35-04:00

We print directly from the file you approve. If the error is different from the final approval photos, we will fix the problem at no charge to you with complimentary rush processing. If it is found on the final approval, we charge a discounted reprinting/recutting fee with complimentary rush processing.


I don’t have time for a sample2018-08-09T12:17:10-04:00

Are you sure?  Standard samples are shipped by the next business day and expedited shipping options are available.  It is a major help in deciding paper colors, fonts, and font colors

Can I change the wording for my sample?2018-08-09T12:17:10-04:00

No, samples come with a stock wording that cannot be changed.  Remember that we offer a full refund if you aren’t happy during your main orders proofing process before final approval so you won’t be stuck with a print design you don’t like.

What is the difference between a standard sample and a custom color sample?2018-08-09T15:12:10-04:00

A standard sample will come in the paper colors you see on the first image of that product listing.  A custom color sample can be done in any exterior and interior paper color you prefer to see.  A swatch book of every paper we offer is included in the standard and custom color samples.


What will I receive when I order lanterns?2018-08-09T12:17:09-04:00

Lanterns are 5 sided boxes and do not have a bottom.  Vellum will be attached prior to shipment.  Lanterns are shipped flat and assemble within seconds with no gluing required.  You can secure the top in place using clear tape for a higher rigidity if you prefer.

LED lights are available at an additional charge.  Small lanterns receive 1 light per lantern while large lanterns receive 2 lights per lantern.

Do I need to order lights through you?2018-08-09T12:17:09-04:00

No, we offer them for your convenience.  If you plan to use your own, we recommend bright LED lights.  “Candle” tea lights tend to provide poor lighting.  Color changing LEDs are also available from select third parties.  We can provide recommendations if needed

DO NOT use standard candles.  The lanterns are made from paper and will react with fire.  Trust us, we laser cut paper for a living.

Are you able to make custom lanterns?2018-08-09T14:51:46-04:00

Yes, we can do custom printed vellum and/or custom laser cut designs.  View our custom portfolio for examples of custom laser cut designs we’ve done in the past.


Do you offer discounts?2018-08-09T12:16:20-04:00

A vast majority of our pricing calculators factor in a bulk discount as you add more of a single item to your order.  This is why the price per set decreases as you purchase more.

We also provide a 20% discount on select additional stationery items when you order invitations.  The additional cards must match the design of the invitation to qualify.

We try to keep our prices as low as we can while still offering the best invitation set possible.  We have sales around twice a year.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for sale notifications.

Do you have a retail location?2018-08-09T12:16:20-04:00

We operate as an online-only retailer from the state of Florida.  We do not have a physical boutique location at this time.

Do you offer wholesale gatefolds and invitations?2018-08-09T12:16:19-04:00

Yes, contact us with your goals and we’d be happy to help.

Can I indicate meal choices on my place cards?2018-08-09T12:16:19-04:00

Yes, there are a few ways we can do this.  We can use alternative paper colors or font colors coordinating with a specific meal or a small indication on the sides such as a letter or icon.

Where are you located?2020-03-13T10:44:34-04:00

We are located at 1201 Shadow Drive Lakeland FL 33810.  All production and shipping takes place from this location.

What portions of your production are done in house?2018-08-09T14:48:47-04:00

Everything we offer is done in house.  This allows us to provide physical proofs and fast production times.

Can I purchase SVG cutting files and printing files?2018-08-09T14:48:25-04:00

No.  We do not sell any of the digital files to our work for commercial or personal use.

Contact Methods

What is the best way to contact you?2018-08-09T12:17:09-04:00