Laser Cut Alternative Wedding Invitations

Daringly Unique

Your story is filled with dark twists and heroic turns that have painted a one of a kind masterpiece. Our laser cut invitations are here to do the same. Iconic symbols combine with delicate filigrees to be as exceptional as you. 

Dauntlessly Elegant

From the boldest colors of your soul to the finest shine of your dreams. Let the luxury card stocks combine to create an exquisite display.

Never Ordinary

Be free from predefined molds and explore the human perfection of a designers hand. Our designers take your words, set them in our elegant borders and mix them with our expansive font collection to create a brilliant invitation.

Our Top 8 Laser Cut Alternative Wedding Invitations

While all our invitations can be used for any event, these are the boldest making their mark.

Gothic Spider Web Invitation

Steampunk Invitation

Octopus Invitation

Day of the Dead Skull Invitation

Dragon Invitation

Rock N Roll Invitation

Coffin Invitation

Pirate Compass Invitation

Photos Provided by Shimmering Ceremony and Simple Elegance By Laura