Alaska Fjords Frameless Multi-piece Acrylic Art Work


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Our Alaska Fjords Frameless Multi-piece Acrylic Art Work set will bring a majestic beauty to your home. This multi-piece set includes 3 acrylic panels featuring 3 islands that all sit  just off your wall in a frameless spectacle. Let this stunning piece bring all the beauty of nature to your home.

❤️Acrylic Specifications❤️

Acrylic used is 1/4″ clear acrylic printed with a uv transparent print on the backside to allow light to pass though on to your wall


Each Acrylic piece is a different size the largest is around 24″ tall and 8.5″ wide. However the pieces can be mounted to accommodate less or more space as needed the configuration show above measures about 28″ wide and 24″ tall

Mounting stand-offs measure 3/4″ from wall to acrylic and are 3/4″ in diameter

❤️Drilled holes and stand-offs❤️

Your artwork by default will have 4 holes drilled into each panel to accommodate the stand-off mounting system. Stand-offs are designed to be permanently mounted into a wall and will need to be attached to the wall with screws into studs or drywall anchors. 12 stand-offs will be provided per piece screws and drywall anchors not provided.

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