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Our Dreams in Ink acrylic art is the perfect modern touch to your home. The beautiful abstract ink creates an elegant mountain range complete with a deer and tree floats just off your wall in a frameless spectacle. The transparent print allows for a play of light to cast on the wall behind the acrylic adding another dimension to your wall. Let this stunning piece bring an abstract beauty to your home.

❤️Acrylic Specifications❤️

Acrylic used is 1/4″ clear acrylic printed with a uv transparent print on the backside to allow light to pass though on to your wall


This acrylic is offered in 3 different sizes. 12″ by 18″, 16″ by 24″ or 24″ by 36″. Photo example is around 16″ wide and 24″ tall see photos for relative sizing.

Mounting stand-offs measure 3/4″ from wall to acrylic and are 3/4″ in diameter

❤️Drilled holes and stand-offs❤️

Your artwork by default will have 4 holes drilled to accommodate the stand-off mounting system. Stand-offs are designed to be permanently mounted into a wall and will need to be attached to the wall with screws into studs or drywall anchors. 4 stand-offs will be provided per piece screws and drywall anchors not provided.


* Please note any artwork over the 24″ by 36″ will need to be picked up at our lakeland store or have a freight shipping added to your order. 

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