Specialty Party Invitations Show Extra Thought and Appreciation

Your holiday party begins as soon as your guest opens a specialized invitation. When you create custom invitations, you are setting the scene for a magical experience from the start. Laser cut invitations are made with a specialty laser cut machine to create precise, intricate designs. Here are three reasons to choose laser cut invitations:

1. Custom

You can create an entirely custom, exclusive design by working with a designer. At Shimmering Ceremony, our designer will turn your idea for your invitation into reality. All of our work designing and cutting the invitations is done here at our shop in Central Florida.

2. Affordable

Our custom design work is an affordable option for specialty invitations. On average our services to customize an existing design average $75 – $150 or to create a brand new design the cost averages $250 – $300. You can find current customization and pricing information here.  Our minimum order is 20 invitations allowing you flexibility for your event. We deliver on-time work with free 2-3 day shipping.

3. Elegant

The elegance of finished laser cut invitations sets them apart from other options. Laser cut invitations are known for intricate and unique designs, precise cuts, and high quality paper. You can order a free sample to see how this laser cut compares to other options.

Holiday Party Invitation Ideas

Christmas Party Invitation

You can awe your guests with beautiful custom Christmas party invitations. Set the stage for the spirit of Christmas with our Falling Snowflakes Invitation or our Angel Wings Gate Invitation.

Company Holiday Party Invitation

Your guests will be ushered into a magical holiday party experience with one of our whimsical laser cut invitations. Your employees are likely to remember the gesture of appreciation long after the holidays have passed. According to this report by Forbes.com, “Four in five (81%) employees report they are motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.”  A custom laser cut invitation is a warm and elegant personalized touch. You can see our party invitation designs for an idea to customize, or create a brand new design for your holiday event.

Hanukkah Invitation

A custom laser cut invitation will tell your guests that their presence at your Hanukkah celebration is special and important to them. Hanukkah is a sacred time to remember miracles and celebrate with loved ones. Our Falling Snowflakes Invitation or Sweetheart Lace Invitation could be the perfect way to invite your guests to share this special moment with you. You can also provide an image or idea for our designers to customize for your Hanukkah party.

New Year’s Eve Invitation

A New Year’s Eve party celebrates all the blessings and abundance coming in the new year. You introduce a fabulous party and new year with custom laser cut invitations. These invitations can be personalized for your party, or you can create a new custom design for your event. Try a theme of love and abundance with the Fairytale Castle invitation or stun your guests with this elegant Moroccan motif.

Custom Laser Cut Invitations

Our laser cut invitations and custom design work allow you to make beautiful invitations just as you envision them. Our experts at Shimmery Ceremony are here to make the process easy for you as you plan your holiday party.  We take pride in creating a superior, on-time finished product. If you have questions, contact us at (855) 725-2737. If you would like to see the quality of our work, please order a free sample now.