Wait… when do I need to order my stationery?

You have picked a date and place but now you have to figure out the labyrinth of when to buy every thing. From caterers to you dress everything has its own unique timeline. Well we decided to make your life a little simpler with this handy stationery timeline. From Save the Date through Thank You cards check out when you should be ordering your stationery. 

Keep in mind

This is a timeline of when you need to receive your stationery. It is not unusual for many stationery companies to need 4-6 weeks to produce your pieces.  You will need to account for this time to avoid any rush processing fees.  Rush processing fees typically can start at $50 or 20%, and can go up to 50% of you order total

Invitation Tips

Destination Wedding Invitations –

Be sure to send these out early. Getting the logistics ironed out of everyone and everything brought to a location takes time.  Also, save yourself from the million of questions by including an accommodations and/or details card in your invitations. From recommended hotels to directions to the venue, traveling can be difficult so make your guests lives a little easier and give them this information early and clearly . 

For Wedding Invitations –

Wording for invitations can be tricky and following some traditions will help make it a little easier. That being said this is your wedding so you can have your invitations say anything you like. The wording is truly is up to you. As for tradition, here are a few simple ones to help you out. The brides name usually goes before the grooms name on the invite as she is being given away to him. If someone if helping foot the bill for your wedding their names are usually listed on the invitation. If your event is more about the joining of your two families than just the union our you and your finance, you can your respective parents names under your names on the invite. Keep your humor, cute jokes, and non formal points for the RSVP cards as this will help you be unique without upsetting those very formal guests.

For Party Invitations – 

While party invitations don’t have the same etiquette as wedding invitations, there are a few quick thing to think of when deciding what you want your wording to be. The first is to include the name of who is hosting the party, and, if needed, also who is sponsoring the event. Whoever is footing the bill deserves some recognition for doing so. Next, you will want to be sure to be specific about available food and expected attire. Your guests will need to know if your event is a black tie, sit-down dinner, or a BYOB bar-b-q. You will also want to use your invitation or another small card to address any specifics about gifts. It is much easier to explain your requests early than trying to tell everyone individually later.



Stationery Tips

Save the Date cards –

Be sure to include both your partner and your names, your date, and the location city. This gives your guests the chance to leave your date open, request time off, and save for travel and gifts if needed.

Table Numbers and Programs –

Depending on which stationery you are having at your event, these can be ordered at any time. However, if you are having menus or place cards as well, it is best to buy these all together so they will match each other and create matching decor.  

Place cards and menus- 

You will want to order these shortly after your RSVP by date and about the time you will be giving your final numbers to your caters. Vendors will typically ask for final numbers and choices 1 month before your event.  Your menu should be finalized by this time and this will allow you to purchase the right amount of cards to fit your seating arrangement.

A cute one we’ve seen lately is to buy a few extra place cards and put cute sayings about forgetting to RSVP them. This way, those last minute guests will still have the card at their seat and your event will look perfect.

Thank You Cards – 

While not required, try to purchase your thank you cards before your event. Most guests will expect as thank you card within a month after the event date. Also remembering who came to the event and what gifts they gave will become more difficult the longer you wait to fill out the cards.



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