Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

You have finally reached the point in your wedding planning process to make wedding invitations. It can be difficult to know what you need to include in your invitations. We all know that a wedding invitation should include the name of the couple, when is it happening and the location. However, that is just the primary card. Normally, wedding invitations have two to four different cards. Our experts at Shimmering Ceremony, have created this easy breakdown of what else to include in order to make this part of the wedding planning a breeze!

Reception Card

This is the primary card with the basic information such as the date, time and location. Here is where you also want to specify the type of reception, dress code, and the theme if there is one. Examples of dress codes are black tie, white tie, and causal. If your ceremony and reception are at the same place, a phrase such as “reception to follow” should be included.

Wedding Inivitation

RSVP/Response Card

Nowadays many couples opt into using an online RSVP system. However, physical RSVP cards are still very popular. This is a very important element of the invitation because it informs the couple if they will attend and if they are bringing a plus one. You may also want to include a menu so they can pick their course or a question that asks for any deitary restirctions. This can help you prepare for the wedding. If you’re planning a weekend wedding, you may also want to include a list of activities where guest can check off if they will be attending them. Be sure to have an RSVP deadline. Don’t forget to include the return address and a stamp for them to send it back!

Directions/Lodging Card

Some wedding locations are in secluded areas that can be hard to find. Therefore, this part of the invitation is crucial to avoid a disaster later on. You also want to include information about where to part. If you are providing lodging information for your guests, this is where you want to specify where they will be staying. You also want to include any transportation information if that applies. This could be transportation from the hotel to the reception, shuttle times, or if it’s a destination wedding, flight information.


Some weddings have a schedule of events prior to the actual reception or after. Examples are an after-party, brunch and welcome drinks. If there are social functions like these planned, you can include the itinerary in the wedding invitation. This is also where you can send information for a rehearsal dinner. 

Website Card

If you have a wedding website, you could include this in your wedding invitation. Here people can get information to access your website that may include your registry, love story, pictures and more.


Many couples decide to have both an inner and outer envelope. This is because the inner envelope can be elegant with calligraphy and more. However, unlike outer envelopes, this is not necessary. Outer envelopes are needed to mail the invitations to your guest list.

Wedding Envelopes

Finishing touches

Now that you have all the contents of the wedding invitations figured out, it’s time to figure out the finishing touches. Wax seals are a popular way to personalize your invitations, however, postal delivery will be more expensive. Belly bands are a string around all the contents of the envelope that are a nice touch to hold everything together. The correct postage is a very important part of this process and will depend on the weight. Ideally, your invitations will weigh less than an ounce. You can also request for the stamps to be hand-canceled instead of machine-canceled. This will ensure that the envelope won’t be ruined by unexpected marks. Customized stamps are also a popular way to make your invitations one of a kind! 

Custom Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

At Shimmery Ceremony, we do all types of wedding invitations, formal wedding invitations, modern wedding invitations, traditional wedding invitations and more. We want to make this process easy for you. If you have questions contact us or if you would like to see the quality of our work, please order a free sample now.